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Bathtub & Tile Restoration

Tubs and tiles undergo content abuse throughout the years and sometimes it can cost hundreds - if not thousands to replace.

Our Bathtub & Tile Restoration Service includes washing and re-grouting of all tiles in bathroom. As well as a thorough acid wash to tub surface. New caulking applied to all corners and edges. Bleach, mold remover, and industrial soap are some of the many things used to wash and rejuvenate your bathroom. Scrapping away at old corners also come into play when scrubbing just isn't enough.


How We Fix It:


Regrouting is a key process to making your tiles look like new. We all know how dirty those lines inbetween tiles can get. Sometimes washing them is not enough. We remove that old grout and regrout in any color you desire. Once everything is dry, caulking is applied to all corners to ensure that all areas look clean and sealed.

Bathtub & Tile Re-Glazing

Take it to the next step of repair. Some bathrooms need more than just re-grouting and a good wash. Tiles or tub cracked and chipped? Ugly holes and outdated colors?

Our Bathrub & Tile Re-Glazing Service not only makes your bathroom look brand new it also cost a fraction of what you would spend replacing it. Don't replace restore. Any color and customize as you please.


How We Fix it:


Strip & Wash - in most cases tubs or tiles have already previously been painted. We use industrial paint remover to take away unwanted old chipping paint. Allowing the remover to sit for about 10-15min guarantees easier removal which is them done with the use of scrapers. Once old surface is gone, scrubbing and washing is the next step. With tub/tiles bone dry detailing is the key to making deep holes and scratches disappear. Bondo/putty is applied to those areas , later to be sanded and smoothed over. Masking is the final step before reglazing. Properly covering all surrounding areas around tub/tiles. Then finally we mix the appropriate chemicals to create the material that will be the new surface to your tub,tile or sink.

Stone Restoration

Granite and marble surfaces wear down after a while. But like tiles it can be costly to replace. 

How We Fix it:


Our Stone Restoration Services will bring your beautiful granite/marble surfaces back to life. We use specific material and the right machines to bring to restore color, shine, and the value of each piece. Our professionals will repair all cracks and restore dull looking counter tops, walls or floors.

Cleaning Services

Bathrooms over time get dirty and become almost impossible to bring back to how it looked when it was first made or renovated. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on products and trying to unsuccessfully scrub your bathroom back to its former glory - let us take care of it for you.

How We Fix it:


Our Cleaning Services are comprised of full bathroom cleanings, which includes a full scrub down and polishing of all tiles and accessories in the bathroom. As well as re-caulking all those hard to reach corners.

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